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    I mostly use the mobile site to check New Posts.

    At the bottom of each pages are the navigation links to the next pages. They are numbered. Right below the numbered links is a link to Mark Posts Read.

    Please insert a line or space between the numbered page links and the Mark Post Read link. I keep accidentally marking posts as read when I really mean to go to the next page of posts.

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    I second the motion. I've done that several times as well.
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    On the Pre, these links are tiny, reqiring lots of zooming in and out to navigate. How about a separated "next"?
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    +1 (2, 3, 4...). {Jonathan}
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    Second at least a "next" tab.
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    +1 I've done this a few times as well. I also noticed that the mobile site header changed recently. No more links to UserCP on the mobile forum front page.
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    Noted. I will bring it up to Dieter's attention.
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    Just letting you guys know that I have not forgotten this request. It is just that Dieter has not responded yet. My apologies.
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    IMO we are missing alot of features that webos browser is able to do/handle. Ultimately I do enjoy the simplicity of the mobile site. I've mentioned this a while back and agree the #s are to close together and small to. Isn't vbulletin super flexiable?

    We know D has alot on his plate. I remember someone trying to inspire a precentral app in a thread......
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    going in to fix this now, sorry for the delay!
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