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    To celebrate our ten year anniversary, each of our sites is giving away ten $50 gift certificates to its respective accessory store. To enter, simply make a post in this forum thread sharing how this site has helped you better use your smartphone before midnight Pacific this Friday.
    So tell us, how has this site helped you?

    We'll pick the winners randomly and there's only one entry per person, so please don't make our lives complicated by posting more than once.

    The prize is technically a $50 coupon good for anything in our accessory store, it can only be used once and it cannot cover the cost of shipping (sorry!).

    Since this is the combined forum for TC and PC, we're giving away 20 here.
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    Besides giving me something to do during the day at work, I'd say it's done quite a bit for me, but to keep things simple I'll just say that it convinced me to get a Treo 600 in the first place, which started this long journey.

    You might want to clarify the rules though. Can a person enter into different threads on each site, or only one thread?
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    PreCentral was the first phone website I ever attended daily. The constant updates make you feel informed at all times and keeps you drooling for more.
    Love this and all the sister sites-
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    I based my decision to buy a Pre almost entirely on this site. The biggest being the Homebrew apps. A good community can always make a good phone better. While it still has its problems, places like this will certainly help.
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    Every problem that I have with my pre i go here before any sprint or bestbuy help. From Homebrew to back grounds to news. This website has changed my life.
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    Two words: Rooting and homebrew. They make the Pre what it is, and I would know nothing about either without this great website. The news updates on the main page are great too.
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    Back in my Treo 650 days, I used to come here. The precentral stuff is incredibly valuable. Homebrew apps are great!
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    VisorCentral convinced me to get a Visor Prism--a decision I have never regretted. I've been following and contributing in these forums ever since.

    There are many times that I've gotten tidbits that helped me, but if I have to narrow it down to something specific, I'll give thanks to the TreoCentral board members (and Marc Blank) for the multitude of help with programs like ChatterEmail (a killer e-mail application for the Treo, which in many respects is still unbeaten in features/usability). Bravo! Help with 3rd-party applications is probably the number one reason that I visit forums.

    Occasionally, I get the privilege of helping out a fellow forum member. That's something I gladly do to "give back" to the community that has helped me so many times.

    We forum members don't always agree on things and sometimes it can get pretty heated; but that is what makes for a lively community and is a tribute to the passion that forum members have for the technology that these forums and sites showcase.

    Go Go Smartphone Experts!!
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    Without Precentral I would have just had an average phone.

    I was first in line in my city for the Pre! It has worked perfectly. With Homebrew and QuickInstall Tweeks my phone is great! Personalized the way I want it without having to root.

    I was afraid at first to even download homebrew. Today I found out about tweeks that allow me to have 4x4 icons, a NY Yankees dialer screen, and stopped those LOUD touchtones from blasting my earbuds!

    Thanks Precentral, Happy Birthday, and Good luck being around forever!
  10. #10 is AMAZING! I waited for the Pre to come out for months. I got my fiancee to switch from her family's plan with Verizon so she could have a Pre too. It is a great phone, but PreCentral has helped make it even better every day!
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    Congrats !!! these communities have helped me every step of the way with each new device i got, i can say that the pre experience would definitely not be as good as it is without this site... keep up the great work, see ya in another 10 years
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    I came aboard in the Treo 300 days, and rode the wave of Palm's incessant innovation. Yes, I even bore the 700p days of constant resets and lame bluetooth. The advice learned here helped me balance school and two jobs for the better part of 2 yrs. Now, it helps me run my family (with my marvelous Pre, of course)!
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    I was fortunate enough to find PreCentral prior to purchasing my Pre. After reading much of the site, I could hardly wait for Sprint to call to tell me that I was off the waiting list and my Pre had arrived. I now check this site multiple times per day and I use it as my "Official Pre Guide." I appreciate the posts and reading the comments provided by those who have a greater technical knowledge than I do. Whenever someone I know purchases a Pre, I send them immediately to this site. Great job!!
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    I am a short timer here, but a long time smartphone guy. I had always thought I was fairly up-to-date on the latest and greatest, even spending some time selling the phones I liked.

    However, starting in May of this year, I found that I really didn't know squat. helped me understand what I had been sorely lacking; a place to geek out and have a good time.

    I therefore bestow the greatest honor any individual or group can receive:

    The Dundie for the best gosh darn site around goes to

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    Are you kidding? HOMEBREW HOMEBREW HOMEBREW. My Pre is SO much better and functional thanks to the hard work of all the involved devs and the aggregation and ease of use of the homebrew gallery found here at PreCentral. Thanks so much guys and congrats on the 10 year milestone! Here's to 10 more!
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    Over the years that I have been here I have enjoyed just about every thing this site has to offer! Certainly, I enjoyed my time hitting F5 on the Pre forum/P|C home page from January-June . Happy Birthday SPE's here's to another 10 years!
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    Phone History: Way too long

    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
    If you have an iTouch click me.
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    In my high-powered, high-octane world of "lawyerin'", nothing beat going on Treo Central and looking for a gadget for my gadget! Now, I have TWO web sites to fool around on during court appearances: can't thank you enough! Please select my entry, so I don't have to sue you...
    Palm III -> Palm m500 -> Zire 71 -> Zire 72 -> Treo 700p -> Palm Pre Minus -> TWO Touchpads 16gb -. and unfortunately, a Motorola Photon 4G...
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    I got my first Visor Deluxe and found this site way back when.... it's helped me through thick and thin with all the devices between then and now and I couldn't tell you how many hours, days, months, years that I've been on here. Not posting just to post, but actually when I want or need or can contribute to the community

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    Over the years, treo|central has helped me in the use of my old Treo 650 and now my Centro. From discovering software gems I otherwise would not know about (like Chatter email), to tips on how to make that software (and Palm hardware) work better. The community spirit allows us to hash out debates on how to better use both. Some of those debates are lively, but the back and forth is invaluable. Congrats for a decade of service to the smartphone community, and here's to many more productive decades to come!
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    Precentral has helped me impressed doubters, coworkers, friends, & family with the great detailed reviews, homebrew (Thank you so much!), Tweaks & Patch's to increase the value of my pre, great helpful community to help with no questions asked and just overall made my wife and i enjoy our pres. I think ever since i heard about the pre & webos i am on this site constantly watching for any new news, special tips, webos updates, & how to's. Thank you again!

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