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    Precentral really helped me get comfortable with the decision to buy a Pre. I started out on a Treo 650 then made the jump to a 700w, 700p, and finally a 700wx. Treocentral really helped me make that platform the best phone/PDA/entertainment device for me. About 2 years ago though my company switched to Blackberry's so I made the switch to. If I switched from the BB to a Pre I'd be doing it on my own without any reimbursement from my company and $300 (before rebate) is a lot of money to spend when you've got a family to feed and clothe. After reading for about a month and getting a feel for the issues people were facing, real and perceived, I finally worked up the courage to make the jump. I haven't looked back since.

    Precentral helped me make the decision to get a Pre but once I got it, it's been a fountain of knowledge and support as well as my primary source for new and exciting applications. This is simply a great resource for all phases of a Pre purchase.
    Terry Rodecker

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    It "talked" me into getting a Pre over getting a new Touch Pro 2. Enough said.
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    I started learning from Treocentral when I got my Handspring 180. Then the 600, 650, 680, Centro and now my PRE. 7 years 17 weeks since I created my account. I'd also like to say Congrats to Deter & SPE and thanks to all the great members for all the help and insight over the years.

    Maybe the single most helpful thing (if I had to pick one) that I've gotten from these sites over the years was the introduction to Marc Blank and Chatter Email. What a great application that was so feature rich and so far ahead of its competitors. Marc approach to taking community feedback and testing was outstanding.
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    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This site has helped make my Pre a better phone. Palm made a good phone, PreCentral made it better. Same goes for my Treo755p. All the applications, especially the homebrew ones, available in this site are phenomenal! My life would be so much more difficult if this forum did not exist. Although I am not a developer, I have found the step-by-step instructions very easy to follow and apply. I enjoy visiting PreCentral on a daily basis, up to 20 times per day just to see what's new. Thank you and keep the good work.
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    This site is amazing!!!! It got me to start learning Linux and start developing my applications for the pre. Still a work in progress but it also made me go back to SCHOOL for web design and linux programming.
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    I have been visiting and posting here for a while. I visit daily to keep up with all things treo. I have gone from the 600 toi the 650 to the 750 and now the pro. The tips and advice here have made the cahnge from paper planning to digital planning easier and quicker I also am on other mobile device sites because coverged devices are coming in so many flavors now windows mobile webos android iphone mokia gota kep up with whats new and maybe better.
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    Gives me a place to constantly refresh like facebook, while secretly hate apple and keep up to date on all of the cool things I can do w/ this awesome phone. Pretty much my most visited site at this point. :-)
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    I've here since the days of Visorcentral! It's always fun to be here!
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    Precentral has helped me incredibly: this site got me interested in the Pre, then fairly interested, then extremely interested until I was hopelessly waiting on edge for it to finally come out, and now I am typing this post on the controversial, slightly smaller than ideal, but still easily usable, keyboard on my own Pre. The support from this site on my product order was great, when I kept flip-flopping on which car charger to purchase from their wonderfully diverse array. And finally, the answers I have been able to find and the homebrew apps I have beem able to download from this massive forum have been unbelievably helpful to me to enjoy my Pre experience to the fullest.
    Thank you, Precentral, for setting this all up for me, and for all other Pre users out there. We appreciate it.
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    Congratulations and thank you very much.

    When I first jumped on the Treo 650 train, it was treocentral and it's forums that guided me with the best application recomendations, a way to tether, and a community of support.

    Now, having stood in line for a new product for the first time in my 43 years (the Pre, of course) I check precentral 1/2 a dozen times a day. You are, and have been for a long time, an invaluable resource.
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    without this site, I dont even know if i would still have my Pre right now. Thanks to the awesome Homebrew store, and the awesome current news, this site has made me follow the pre community, news and the fight between apple also. When i had my treo 755, i didnt even care about anything about palm. But the pre, this site truly makes it exciting, and wow keeps me up to date.

    Thanks guys! You are great!
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    Having a dedicated group of people who are as interested and "fanatical" about something as you are is priceless. I have been here since the TreoCentral days (granted I wasn't TOO active back then), but this site has definitely grown a lot. I actually got into programming solely by reading all the forum posts and following these threads since long before the Pre was even released! I am a Dev, because of this site. I will get my Pre within a month, because of this site. I will save 25% on my bill, because of this site. I would have gotten pick 3 callers on my Sprint plan (if the rumored unlimited mobile to mobile on any carrier isn't true).

    Not to mention I met some really cool people here, VERY helpful, and very dedicated!

    Thank you SO much PreCentral! and Happy Birthday!

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    After switching from the iPhone3G to the Pre and missing my apps for the better part of two months, PreCentral helped me get my usability fix back ... through its amazing homebrew community. I've found useful advice and supportive users here, all of which have helped me maximize my Pre's potential.

    Congrats on 10 years!
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    The SPE (SmartPhone Experts) sites are a haven for SmartPhone lovers like me. The site(s) helps me get updated with all the news, tips, tricks and upcoming events in the smartphone arena (iphone, Pre, Treo, android, etc.).

    I remember the days when the TreoCentral forums saved my my Treo 600 from becoming a HUGE paperweight.

    Congrats for 10 AWESOME years ! Dieter and crew have done a tremendous job. Keep it up ! I tip my hat to you guys.

    Here's to 10 more years !!!
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    Thanks for all the news about the Palm Pre, WebOS and now the Pixi. One source for everything plam. Again Thanks... So pick me... pick me to win!
    Fort Fun Indiana
    Hello Moto Krave ZN4 that thinks it's a Pre or Pixi
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    Wow, ten years of smart phones. I've been going to for treos for a long time, and now for my pre. The store, reviews and tips and tricks have been invaluable to me to making my phone a better business and personal tool (and toy, I have to admit, nes emulated FFII has kept me sane many a time). Thanks for always being a place to find info or just while away some minutes waiting for a movie to start.

    Congrats on 10 years, looking forward to many more.
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    How has it helped me? Pre Central saved me from wasting my money on a Pre. By waiting, and reading other people's experiences here, I realized the Pre was not ready for prime time. And is still no replacement, as a tool for getting things done, for my aging Treo 755p.

    TreoCentral helped me discover the hidden features of my various Treos. It helped me customize and configure them to work exactly the way I wanted them to work, and it helped me find great software to further adapt them to my needs.
    Bob Meyer
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    Besides the homebrew that's going on right now, the biggest help was when I first got my 700p - the forums and news feeds gave me many applications and workarounds for the many 700p problems I had and helped me turn it from a horrid phone to a very nice platform!

    Thanks again and happy anniversary!
    Sprint Palm Treo 700p with MR --> Palm Pre

    T-Money is now available for the webOS! Financial planning has never been easier.
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    Precentral saved me $100 on my Pre! Reading the site helped me find out about Best Buy's instant rebate so I could buy it on my wife's upgradeable line and switch it over to mine on the same day--something I couldn't do with the Sprint mail-in rebate. Precentral even gave me the stock numbers @ my local store so I knew when to get in line. I scored the Pre on June 6th, I love it, and I've been using this site to make it even better. Thanks Precentral!
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    Well to start off with, this site gave me information before I actually took the PRE plunge that neither Sprint nor Palm could give me. I had a few apps that I have used for years from the Palm Platform that would have been a deal breaker if there was no work around for, on a PRE.

    By joining this community, and searching around, and reading posts, and asking questions I learned about the Classic App, that would help transition me from my Palm with the must have apps I needed, along with learning to embrace the new and revolutionary WebOS

    After that, well this community has become some what of new addiction since then. I LOVE the open source Linux of the PRE and the ability to grow and learn from the amazing "smart people" who hang around here has been both stimulating and FUN!

    So THANKS!!

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