I see a few problems with the way some things are named on this website. Maybe I'm just thinking about it too much, but I figured I'd share and see what you guys thought as well.

1. "Precentral"

The Pre is only the first of many WebOS devices Palm will be releasing. Will this site still appear to be relevant when the Pre is history and we're using the Palm Post (or whatever it may be named?). Would "WebOSCentral" or similar be a more adequate name?

2. "Homebrew"

Before the iPhone, when you wrote and program and distributed it it was called "writing and application and distributing it." Apple came along and ruined the party for independent developers and now it's seen as an extraordinary thing to be able to install applications outside of an app store.

The problem is that calling the software collection "homebrew" illegitimizes it. It immediately makes you think you're performing some kind of hack or doing something out of the ordinary (which you're not). I think we're mostly on the same page that we want applications external of the app catalog to be just as legitimate as applications in it - we want to keep the balance of power in distributing apps fair.

Every app is homebrew. Someone made it in their home. Calling it homebrew makes it feel like hobby software rather than legitimate software. The section should just be called "applications" and the software should be referred to the same way. We're not doing anything special here, this is how every mobile platform has been until the iPhone.

What do you think?