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    I have become addicted to this site. I slowly have worked my way up to the Palm Pre, last phone was a Centro, and before that, will, lets just say it was a very very common cell phone. I have, from this site, learned how to install many beta apps, navigate my pre more efficiently, and many tricks I would have never known, which through the goodness of the members are free. I feel an obligation to report any probs in the apps, but to be honest everyone I have downloaded works amazingly well.

    A little about myself, I work hard have 2 children and a mortgage (most of my disposable income goes to the House and kids) and really have very few pleasures in life, my TV (Bravia 1080p, 46 incher) and this amazing cell phone, the PRE.

    The developers on this site have made apps and goodies available to me for free is just simply amazing (I have donated, when I could and have the money to do so). The members whom help us newbies with answers to our often repetitive questions are not only smart but simply nice.

    For all of us out there that can not develop apps, but take advantage of the free beta's, step back and help these developers with suggestions and info on their app. Make it easier for them to make some money when they migrate their apps to the palm store. As soon as I actually have a good idea or a prob, I will help the best I can.

    Again, I truly want to say thanks to the developers and members whom share so much of their time and knowledge to the rest of us newbies. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

    I do not want to forget the people whom make possible either. THANK YOU, you have done a fine job.
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    kudos to this thread and to you. Welcome aboard and know that if you are having trouble with something, chances are someone else has figured a work around or at least has experianced it too. Dont be afraid to ask. Make sure to use the Search function liberally and dont forget the PRECENTRAL STORE for your accessories!!!!! I'd like to share a thanks myself, to Everyone who makes precentral the best place to waste time at work
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Good you have you with us - I was getting disappointed in my Pre until I found this site - it has made a world of difference in how I use my phone! (And my Apple friends are jealous!)

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