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    If PreCentral could structure emails so the message was first, then they would be easy to read on the Pre since we can see the first few lines wihtout opening the message. But they always have some nonsense at the top.
    Laissez Faire
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    Hey prubin -

    Our system sends out many different kinds of messages every day, if you could forward an example to me at I will definitely take a look at it.

    - D
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    When an email is sent notifying you that there is a new post in a subscribed thread, it begins :

    Dear prubin

    Dieter Bonn has just replied to a thread...

    and goes on to give the PreCentral and TreoCentral links before the message itself. If the message came first then you could read the message on the Pre without opening it. Most of us know what we are getting anyway and we know that "Precentral is a shared community..."

    Sort of like Pogue's "Take Back the Beep."
    Laissez Faire
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    aha, gotcha. Well I'm actually loathe to move the message up too much - doing that may make people think that replying to the email will cause a reply to the thread.
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    What about the links then the message? Or a DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE then the message? Would be nice to read messages on the phone without opening them.
    Laissez Faire

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