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    My suggestions. This is, of course, MY opinion. I respect that it is the administrators opinions that matter. I just hope they take my ideas into consideration.

    1. Remove the bluetooth specific forum. Or at least make it a child board of accessories.

    This forum isn't different enough to make a difference.

    2a. Remove the bit "and the bundled apps" from the General webOS chat description.

    2b. Add in discussion about the pre-installed apps into the webOS apps and software section.

    I think this makes things more clear. You have discussion about some apps and the webOS software, but then discussion about other apps in a different forum.

    3. Make the app review section a child of the webOS apps and software section.

    This section is tiny. It doesn't need its own forum.

    4. Separate the section webOS development to "application development" and "webOS modifications (or hacks).

    This is sorely needed. Those topics are different enough that I believe they should be separated.

    5a. Move the section "Future Palm Devices" to the category "General Palm Chat"

    5b. Rename the category "General Palm chat" to "Palm Chat" (this one isn't very important. It would work either way)

    This way you can keep the palm chat with the palm chat and the other platforms by themselves.

    6a. Separate the and section to "Site feedback and suggestions" and "error reports"

    6b. Make a new category called "Site Chat" (something like that). Move the new sections created in 5a to this category.

    This would make it look like you guys care about site improvements instead of it being an obscure forum at the bottom of the page. I'm not saying you guys don't. That's not what I'm trying to say. Also, it would make it much easier to see actual suggestions like mine and error reports which I believe is sorely needed.

    7. Make a new board titled "Palm Pre Help". Have it in the Palm Pre Device and accessories section.

    This would be helpful to the members but it could be a pain to move topics from the general category.
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    we're working on organization on an ongoing basis -- mainly we can't make quick and frequent changes as it's confusing, but a more organized setup is in the works.
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    I think the setup is pretty good and with the changes I suggested it would work very well.

    They are pretty simple changes most of them. I don't see a need for anything big.

    Thanks for reading.

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