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    why do i have to post 10 posts to down load an app... this blows
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    keep posting.
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    Too much trouble for free software? Get over it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lookngood18 View Post
    why do i have to post 10 posts to down load an app... this blows
    I know it seems a bit much at first, but it's to keep spammers out. Look around the forum, there is plenty to post relevant comments on.
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    It is really easy to get these post up.... There is a wealth of information on this site... I just took like 30 minutes and read through new post and things that caught my eye, and left whatever I thought was relevant to post.

    In 30 minutes I thanked, commented and +1'd enough post to be able to pm thread starter for access to beta Dope wars
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    Why make a big deal out of it? You're getting these for free.
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    Guess what ! 198,000 other people had to do the same thing. Get over it.
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    no complains here.. every forum has its own rules but making 10 posts mandatory means more spam from users like me who want to get past the 10 posts..

    i don't want just go to every thread and post thanks because there is already a thanks button which i use a lot
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    yep we all had to do it
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    I was a little confused at first when I started out, but I see the relevance of it -

    - It helps you to understand the site better.
    - It helps you to understand the community better.
    - It helps greenhorns to understand the process of hacking your Pre better - I would have been in a LOT of trouble if I hadn't been developed a sense of caution after reading so many posts!
    - It keeps, as has been said, spammers at bay.
    - You make new friends!

    I really think that, of all of those reasons, numbers 2 and 3 are the key - you really shouldn't be doing this fly-by-night. Welcome to the community, and don't be afraid to ask questions!
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    When did this change / what are you trying to download? I rooted and installed a couple homebrew apps just the other day from here, and my posts are < 10?
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    I don't understand, I don't have 10 posts and I downloaded and installed filecoaster and went to town dowloading homebrews already.
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    The only limitation I was aware of was you can't post links if you have less than 10 posts. Either there is confusion or things really have changed. But if the previous posters weer able to download and had less than 10 posts then I would be inclined to say it has not changed.
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    I could download them just fine before. Guess I will be trying tonight to make sure.
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    Good place to start.
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    On the points, 2 and 3, I agree.

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