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    I am unable to log in to Precentral from my Pre, on either the mobile version or the full site. I have cleared the cookies, history, and cache, still no go.
    I tried to reset my password from my User CP page through my desktop, and it sent me to the log-in screen. Couldn't log in on my computer either suddenly!
    I went through the steps to reset the password through email. I still was unable to log into, but was able to log into
    Once logged in there, I reset my password back to the original, and went to the precentral forum again. Came up with me logged in.
    I still can't log-in on my phone though! Which sucks, because I need to update some Homebrew apps.
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    We're working on the login bugs - if it's not working for you shoot an email to and somebody will help you out with your account.

    Sorry for the hassles.

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