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    Do any of you have issues with this site running slow? I kid you not it takes my pc 30 seconds just to load up the page. I have Time Warner cable internet and all other sites run just fine. This behavior is the same with firefox, chrome, and IE. What gives? I've already scanned my pc for viruses, spyware, adware, and malware and my pc is clean. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Guys, lately it appears as though the ad servers significantly hold up the time it takes for any page to load. I've experienced this on several PCs using different ISPs. I know you guys depend on ads but their existence shouldn't slow the site as much as it has. There's seriously a 10-30s delay at times. Grrr!
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    Noted. Not sure what the problem is. Could be because additional software being added? I will ping the powers behind the guys who control the servers.
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    Dieter and co. are working the servers and apps so please bear with us.
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    As ron said, we're looking into this!
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    Thank you guys. I love this site.
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    Just want to point out that my browser always lags when connecting to host "" and a few others, that one appearing to be the main offender. FWIW :/
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    Very slow this morning. Seems to be waiting on ""

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