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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom View Post
    I agree to an extent. I'm not sure the procedure the mods use, but I think something like this would work. Items on the top 3 pages should stay in the main forum, regardless of the topic. Once the action has slowed on those and they hit page four, they should be moved to the appropriate subsection.

    That would give the users looking for general info a quick view at numerous types of posts...but also make it easier to sort through or search for specific info. There's definitely a need to categorize the forums. If I have a question on just bluetooth, I don't want to have to wade through 35 pages looking for that one post. The search feature is nice, but can miss things due to the lack of keywords. Having subsections helps during those searches.

    But again, for the brand spanking new, fresh off the press posts (top 3 pages), it should be a melting pot of ideas. IMHO.
    That's what the "new posts" link is for, to show a melting pot view of recent posts for a variety of subjects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    I understand this but in a way I don't like this. I would rather see and read a new thread that has new information than try to find new information in a 20 page thread. IMO the newer threads on the same topic have a much higher useful information density than the old long threads because people chime in early in the posting with "Oh yeah the answer to this was posted in page #32 of this other thread and this is how you do it." So the newer threads tend to be a more useful evolution of the older threads with all the useless information stripped out. By forcing people to use the older threads you are forcing people looking for info to wade through a bunch of useless posts before the issue was solved.
    I can agree with this. Case in point is the registry tweaks for the 800w thread. Trying to find a particular item in this thread was near impossible. Searching was virtually no help. Basically, I knew what the post was about, potentially some key words, and luckily who wrote it. I ultimately ended up just searching through the persons posts until I found the correct title thread. I found no better way since everything was in one thread.

    Ultimately, I am fine with the way it is and there probably isn't a right answer on how to set it up. I definitely see everyone's frustrations though.
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