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    The forums seem to be set up so that a defined period after I login (maybe a couple of hours) all threads are declared to have been read by me. eg I can be up to page 7 of 12 pages of new posts and when I select the next page I am told that there are no new posts (or something similar). The couple of hours used to be okay pre Pre, when there were 100 new posts per day, but is a problem with 400 per day.

    Could that "assumed to be all read after login" time, if it exists, be increased.
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    That's odd, from what I can tell here it's supposed to be set to 10 days

    ...ah, that's a per-thread setting. Any thread without posts in 10 days is automatically marked read for everybody. I could increase that a bit, but I suspect that the database might get a little taxed by having to track extra read / unread status for every member for every thread, so increasing that 10 day limit could be problematic.

    I'll set it to 14 and we'll see what breaks.

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