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    Anyone know where the referral thread happened off too?
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    I was wondering the same thing. Yesterday evening there was a message from Dieter Bohn saying the thread was being closed, with a short reason mentioned.

    When I read that, I had mixed feelings about closing it: On the + side, it got to be a very long thread and a lot of people started sniping -- if you can call it that -- saying 'PM Me, I'll hook you up with my #', which went against the randomly selected number feature of Haydur's webpage setup for this very purpose. New people evidently read the headline, and skipped the intervenking 25+ pages and started reading at the very last page, and seem to have not read or paid attention to the quick instructions in the very first post.

    On the negative side, it's gone and the $25 referral hookups won't be publicized nearly as much as before.

    Those who administer the site make a decision, which was and is their's to make. But it disappearing without an explanation leaves a gap.
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    Dieter Bohn posted: While we're all friends here and feels like a family to me.... I'm not really comfortable with encouraging people to hand out their numbers, even if they're anonymous. Closing thread.
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    I was looking for it last night when I got home from work.
    Haydur had just posted my number.
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    Well, it was good for many, I had 3 referrals from there.
    I hope those who were not fortunate will get some referrals else where or from friends.
    Good luck!
    And thanks haydur!
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    Yeah, I got three from here myself.. Would have loved to got 5 more, so I could have gotten my PRe from Best Buy.. Oh well I guess I can wait another month or so until the funds are available..... Thanks Haydur, it was great while it lasted...

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