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    Hi all -

    There have been more than a few threads about how the forums are growing rapidly and how that growth has caused some growing pains.

    ...As I've mentioned elsewhere, we've brought on three new moderators (and are considering bringing on more -- PM me if you're interested, even if you PM'd me the first time).

    I've also implemented a new feature on the New Thread Page - an automatic search for related thread to entice people to go to those threads rather than start new ones. It's not a perfect add on and fair warning: it may cause too much server load and I may need to take it down. For now, though, it's a start.

    The next issue is one I take much more seriously, is the question of civility. Lots of posts here are getting a little nastier than TreoCentral / has traditionally been. I'm not happy about it and neither are most members:

    Honestly I can't think of a magic bullet to solve this. More moderators may help, but we don't want to be babysitters. A cleaner sub-forum setup may also help, and we're giving some very careful thought to how that should look, which is part of the reason we haven't made any major changes yet. We're open to other ideas.

    What will really help is everybody making a concerted effort to be a little more helpful and a little less mean.

    - Make a concerted effort yourself not to post duplicate threads and also to post in the proper forum. search!
    - If there's a duplicate thread, suggest a search in a nice way, link the thread you think it should be in, and report the post so a moderator can merge it.
    - If somebody's crossing the line into trolling, personal attacks, and what not, report the post to the moderators.
    - If you have a more serious concern, feel free to PM me or email me at

    We try very hard to help keep these forums open, friendly, helpful, informative, and fun. Sometimes those differing goals clash with each other and so we have to strike a balance between them -- determining that balance is hard work and our team of volunteer moderators have been doing that hard work and will continue to do it. But we can't make people be more friendly.

    Through a combination of a new forum organization, new features to help people find answers, and an ethos of helpfulness I think we can keep these forums what they've always been - the #1 community for Palm smartphones.

    And as always, please take a look at our Forum Guidelines
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    And yes, I'm seeing that the similar threads auto-search is still a little buggy and inaccurate here - we'll keep working on it.

    There is no substitute for searching before you post! If we can't get the similar thread plugin to work, I'll just replace it with a big old "have you searched yet? on the new thread template
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    Have you guys seen it?

    It says: "Here are the similar threads we found:"

    It gives suggestions, and then says:
    "Please have a look at those threads before you start a new one."

    Real Cool!
    Just call me Berd.
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    IMO, you need to make your post a global announcement so everybody sees it everywhere they go. I missed it until just this moment.

    FWIW, I would rather have moderators come down a little harder on the useless flame posts, and scare off a bunch of the "users." They will complain about the Nazi-like tactics, but it will be the best for your forum in the long run. Everybody else will get the point and settle down.

    I appreciate the good information that you are trying to provide. I lurked in this forum since January. I have seen a lot of good information, but also seen a lot of noobs get treated horribly. The task of managing a forum of this size must be daunting, and I appreciate your efforts to make it better.

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