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    With the announcement and release of the Pre plus the six sister sites for various smartphone platforms, I'm wondering what will become of TC. Seems likely that the Treo name will be retired at some point in the not too distant future with the development of Web OS and WM. This is obviously speculation on my part, but I also can't help but notice the dearth of Treo related news on the front page these days. We went from 3-4 stories a day to about the same number in a week. Not that this is the fault of TC. They're just covering what's out there and can't help what's happening to the Treo product line itself.

    Obviously the discussion boards are a big draw, but I can't help but think with these older Palm devices going the way of the dodo and the Palm OS platform officially having been killed off, what's next for TC?

    Dieter or others? What say you...
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    We're juggling a few different options, but you're right that the focus is a little less on TreoCentral now. I hate saying "stay tuned" but .... Stay Tuned.

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