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    The traffic on TC/PC has been amazing... I don't recall this much traffic since the old 600 days when Jeff Hawkins famously cradled a 600 in his hand during a photo shoot of the Handspring-PalmOne merger... wow, I've been around here way too long!

    Anyway, in a little over a week the Pre forum has already the second most posts in all all the forums second only to the old venerable 650 forum. I anticipate that it will pass the 650 forum as well soon. It's great to see all the traffic and commotion here again. It's been a long time since its been really exciting to discuss Palm devices again and as always great to see TC and PC grow and thrive!

    Also, I was wondering how many of you browse the forum through the precentral forums or treocentral? I still use TC myself....
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    It's pretty neat, I knew it was going to happen and I still reckon we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Be cool if Deiter could haggle some other ancient editors back on the team.

    I often use Precentral, the stellar layout is fresh and easy to read. Unfortunately it doesn't have legacy devices so for the Centro etc, I have to go to Treocentral and add the string to the end. Most of the time I don't bother..
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    oddly - i use Precentral @ work, Troecentral @ home. Simply becasue my shortcut at home is still Treo, but at work i donlt use shortcuts for non-business related web sites
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