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    I know all of us are not unemployed, yet there are over 900 of us logged on. Are we obsessed or what? Or am I the only one at work while on these forums? Where are you at during the day when you post? Does this make you an obsessed person if you are doing this while working? Think about it.
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    LOL..I agree Shhhhh.....No one will ever know!!
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    what if you're just bored at worked and have nothing better to do?
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    Nothing to see here...
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    I am thinking of blocking precentral so I can prevent myself from getting on here LOL .
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    Generally just posting and reading while waiting for a call, waiting for a problem recreate to finish, or when on a routine call, that I can mumble someone through in my sleep.
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    I do most of my precentral posting and surfing from work. Don't worry - there's work on my other 3 monitors. Plus, with my Pre making me more productive, I have more free time to spend goofing off here.
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    Alright, I'm obsessed. What do you want me to say?
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    whos obsessed? If you're on this forum you know its not the only one your visit
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    I spend a lot of time waiting for video to capture or export so I can multitask (ie: read my daily websites and forums).
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    So glad there's a thread on this topic! I spend a lot of time at work on precentral! The thing is I currently have a blackberry bold. I keep going on this site just hoping I see news on the updates I want. Then ill make the switch! Haha
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    Hey, we got 4 Pre's in as our "on-call" phones last hanging around PreCentral *IS* work, it's "Research" on how to do things on the phone to help us!
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    Some of us work second shift (or third) so I have time during the day to visit.
    I'm amazed it's still as crazy as it was pre-release.
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    I only log on when I'm driving.
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    I'm an at home dad, so I guess I don't fall into this catagory, but my 5 year of was on noggin, and I asked if I would use the laptop, she said sure, and proceded to bring up precentral for me... :-)
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    Precentral is always an open tab on firefox for me at work.

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    Is anyone like me and always still on this site after 6 weeks of Pre-dom?
    Qualcomm QCP 2700 -> ... Palm m125 ... -> Instinct -> Palm Pre

    I tweet a lot about the Pre! @bshedwick
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjshedwick View Post
    Is anyone like me and always still on this site after 6 weeks of Pre-dom?
    Yep. Pretty much always on this site
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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    I'm at work. This is the most I've ever posted on a site. I guess because I want palm to succeed.
    Btw - are their cakes and candles on the precentral when viewing on ur pre?. For some reason their on my screen.
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