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    I, too, nearly always have these forums in a tab at work. Not always actively browsing, but in tech support there is ample time between calls and during reboots to keep up to speed on the goings on here.
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    Isn't browsing part of our job description?? no?
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    I spend way too much work time on this damn forum.
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    Yeah, I usually keep a tab open and try to look like I am working!
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    I don't have one yet so this is consistant research. And I only go on here at home. My verizon phone doesn't load this page well (or at all). Plus its hard to be online while in retail. I work nights though so I'm on while all of you are at work anyhow. haha

    Someday I will be able to go on here, when I get my web savy Pre.
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    I'm in IT. I have to keep checking so I know immediately when the EAS security update that will allow us to support this device is ready - and I guess I'd better know enough about mine so I can answer questions about theirs ;-)
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    Yeah, I'm still addicted to this site. At first it was to research the Pre and keep up to date on every little update prior to release. But now, I can't leave because I love hearing about everyone's else's experience (good and bad) with the phone. I try to concentrate on work...but it's so hard, lol!
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    im on everyday...obsessed if u say so
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    Precentral to me is like crack....not that i have ever had it seriously
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    u cant blame a gr8 website on having such informative forum members that help with problems on ur phone...
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    I am on here with my pre everyday at work...
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    yea i am obsessed
    you got a problem with that?!
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    I'm retired, so I am wasting my own time here.
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    every morning I get here, I open up a couple things.....

    One my fantasy baseball, next pandora, finally Precentral! I keep these hidden of course behind my work!! But ya, I love checking this every 30 mins or so
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    I'm at work (no systems misbehaving right now), and I find some of the justifications used here very well thought out. Mind if I use them in the event someone complains that I'm on Precentral too much?
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    LOL. Shhh...
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    I'm totally on here all the time at work. Thank god my boss is never around.
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    I've never been less productive in my life. But I sure do know a lot about my Pre...
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    I am on here from work as well... just don't tell anyone... It started as looking for updates and software for my Centro.. and now its drooling over the Pre, I hope to get mine sometime in August..
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    Anyone elongates an hour-long task because of this site?

    I am!! Its been slow here and so I am mastering the art of looking busy!
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