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    Looks like you moved the section up on the main forum list but now I can't get in. It just loops back to the Pre forum section.
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    I can not get in either. It's stuck in a loop. When I click on the Accessories forum I just get a list of 4 Pre forums.. Click on Accessories again, get the list again..
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    Doesnt work for me either please fix, thanks
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    Agreed, I hope this gets fixed soon.
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    Link is not working correctly for the sub forum.
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    Sorry, looking into it.
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    Fixed for now. It looked liked vbseovbseovbseo $decided$ $to$ $name$ $a$ $group$ $and$ $the$ $accessories$ $forum$ $the$ $same$ $name$ $hence$ $it$ $looped$ $back$ $to$ $itself$.

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