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    Someone contacted me via PM with a follow-up question to a post, but I'm unable to reply due to the message below. I understand the need to protect from spammers, but surely a person who's PM'ed me should be added to my whitelist. Thanks.

    To be able to send PMs your post count must be 15 or greater.

    You currently have 4 posts and you can send PMs to following users only:
    marcus, miradu, MarkEagle, ToolkiT, JHromadka, Dieter Bohn, KRamsauer, gfunkmagic, ronbo2000, WeeBitObsessed, Mahootzki, Hicks, spiVeyx, Derek Kessler, Bill Gamble, Treo_Cen_Chris, berdinkerdickle, supportsuite, Overthrow, Vanessa, admintreo, palandri
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    I upped your post count temporarily.
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    I appreciate the workaround, although I ended up responding to the inquisitive user via Visitor Messages.

    Is there no systematic solution? Having barriers to entry like this (and an inability to include helpful links) doesn't do a lot to encourage long-time lurkers who want to try to start participating.
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    Sorry not much, its either a clear forum or one that is full of spammers.
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    I agree with both of you. I'm on another board where it was mostly open.

    Over the last few years the p0rn, etc., got out of hand and it had to be locked down to stop this.

    So there is no real good solution that keeps the bad guys out, but lets the noobs have easier access.

    Yeah one more post added to my count. Hopefully I'll be at 15 soon!

    EDIT:Why did my post count not bump up to two?

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