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    So, we come here to talk about the Pre. Most of us being Pre enthusiast and wanting to learn all we can. But yet, the forums are continually bombarded by negative stuff.

    You can't say anything or do anything about the trolls. If you attempt to you are jumped on for being a Communist. It's funny these are the same people who ram their own agenda down your throat as it is.

    Heck, maybe all the apple fan boys have it right. At least on their forums you have people their trying to improve the product and don't take to kindly to trash talking about their product. So, fan boy it is.

    I am going to be a pain in the arse. Mods, ban me if you want. I will use a proxy server or change my ip and be right back.

    As with anything, the silent majority is attacked and governed by the loud minority.
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    I don't know about that. I'm seeing a balance, and the majority of people love their Pre's.

    However, if you are determined to be a pain, then I agree you should be banned...
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    If you want to talk about the Pre, then make a post. There's an ignore button for users you don't like.

    This isn't doing anything to help you except get banned.
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    I want to learn, but only positive things!

    You are 100x the troll that you accuse others of being. I hope you can realize that when you take a deep breath and look at your actions objectively.
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    While your gripes are legitimate creating a thread titled "Precentral sucks" won't really help your case.
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    Balanced or not, you can ignore. I shall exercise that right just as soon as I ...

    +1 ban

    Palm Pre!!!,Treo 755p, Treo 650, more Palm devices in the past, ect., ect., etc.
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    Your threads are contributing absolutely nothing to these forums.
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    I think there are more overly defensive people on this site than trolls. I mean there are some people that will tear you a new one for asking a dumb question, or because you didn't find a previously posted thread. And if you say something negative about the Pre, watch out, they will come after you. I find myself defending new members on here from some of the veteran members that can be right down mean all the time. These posts are just starting arguments. We come here to get information and take some time off from work or whatever you are doing not to argue with each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xchpstang View Post
    While your gripes are legitimate creating a thread titled "Precentral sucks" won't really help your case.

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