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    I can't be the only one that is brand new to the world of phones that do more than make calls. There's at least myself and the guy in line in front of me Saturday - both of us are first time texters, first time [phone] emailers, first time [phone] web surfers, etc., etc.

    Any thought to setting up a section of this forum for us to ask really, really dumb questions, and hopefully power users (or even other newbies just a step ahead in the learning curve) can take pity on us and answer?

    Example - how do I send a text message? If someone sends me a text I can reply, but I don't know how to start from scratch. Pathetic, isn't it?

    It would be great if there was an area of the PreCentral forum where people would be gentle to those with less knowledge.
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    Yeah, there definitely needs to be a FAQ section of some sort.

    Things like: How do I change the notification tone?, Can I download files from the browser on my Pre?, How do I take a screenshot on my Pre?, and How can I delete multiple messages in email/messaging quickly? and all of those questions that I think have been the last 100 posts in the forum repeated 20 times over each.

    But seriously, there's a ton of information, some of it for new people, some for veterans, and it's all getting buried so fast on the forums. Maybe some sort of wiki page or even just a few front page FAQ articles would probably help prevent questions from being asked so many times and then it'd be easier to keep track of all the new information.
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    I would REALLY like a newbie section as's already getting to the point that we're seeing a lot of the same "how do I?" could really cut down on them.
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    this thread might be of help:

    If you have any good ideas about a FAQ document or want to help out please let the mods/admins know. Help is always appreciated as you can imagine the crew is pretty busy these weeks..
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