Hi all. We're looking for new writers for the front page of PreCentral.net. The main thing we need are people to help out with blogging news, How-to articles, and maybe a bit of reviewing.

Please only apply if you're sure that you'll be able to do at least two to three posts a day and believe that you can respond relatively quickly to breaking news during the day (though, of course, you won't be 'on point' all the time)

Also please follow the below instructions to a T. I'm expecting a large influx of interest and, well, if you can't follow the instructions below I'd take it as a bad sign.

If you're interested, please send an email to jobs@precentral.net just like the following:

SUBJECT: YOUR NAME applying for PreCentral.net Blogging Position

1. My name is XXXXX
2. My forum username is XXXXXX
3. I post to the forums about X times per day
4. I believe I could post about X posts per day
5. I own a Pre / Will get a Pre
6. Something about yourself (keep it fairly short. Anything you think is relevant can go here, for example: previous experience, favorite phone and why, how often you check news, etc)
7. Here is a sample post:


No attachments. The sample post can be on virtually anything, we mainly need it to get a sense of your style, writing ability, etc.