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    I've done a couple like set the size of the viewport and add some margins around all links to make them more finger-friendly. What else would you like to see (with the caveat that some things might take some time to implement)?
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    Thanks for doing that! The text wraps ok, so portrait vs landscape look pretty consistent.

    Maybe make a sig addition so people know what posts were "made from a Pre"?
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    Buttons. M.precentral is very frustrating. With as many 'back' presses involved with surfing the mobile forums, I feel that 90 pinch & zooms is more effective.. Your keys are Way to close. Please spend a day only using your Pre to surf the forums as I do more than 80 of my surfing from my Pre unfortunately. (my work keeps me from a pc until late night) I love the site so much that its constant unintentional key presses is going to make throw this thing (pre) in a raging fit! (yeah right, who the hell am I kidding) :-)

    Please give us mobile dedicated users some love!

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    Add the go-to-first-unread-post option for viewing a thread (unless it's already there and I'm missing it).
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    Please give more space between the "Mark Forums Read" row and the Page # areas in "Todays Posts" view. It is too easy to hit the Mark Forums Read area. Thanks.
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    I like reading the forums via the mobile site when I'm using my Pre; the formatting is much nicer than having to zoom in and out on the main site. But while the reading is great, the UI has some rough edges, mainly on the various navigation links.

    In particular, the numbered page links, and the next/previous links on multipage topics are very hard to hit with a finger on a Pre screen. Any chance these could be bumped up a few point sizes, or (better!) reworked into more finger-sized buttons?
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    +1 for this, especially the page button numbers are very hard to hit. Almost everytime I try to hit 2 I end up hitting 3.
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    +1 again!
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    I'll add some more spacing -- am also looking into various iPhone-versions of for forums as they can work quite well with the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    Add the go-to-first-unread-post option for viewing a thread (unless it's already there and I'm missing it).
    I'm missing this too on the mobile site. Hitting either of the newest post buttons only takes me to the last page and not the newest post.
    Also, since the Pre appears to cache where you last were on a certain page (which is usually the bottom of the page) can you also show the forum navigation structure on the bottom like it is up top? Quite a pain when in a subforum or in a thread to have to scroll all the way to the top (some of these pages are quite lenghty) just so I can hit Forum Home. Navigation on the bottom would be great.
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    I have another vote for more space between "mark forums read" and the page numbers. It's frustrating when you miss the page number and reset the forums by mistake. Also, a huge next button would be great. Thanks.
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    I'm mobile 80 of my internet time. This is the wordt ui mobile site I visit. Granted most are iphone friendly but as a pre user on "PreCentral" I am having a difficult time. My fingers are not precentral ui friendly. :-(

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