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    Tensions seem to be running a bit high. Take a look a the price/plan mega thread on top. Why just the other day day someone jumped all over me for suggesting I'd like to print labels for Christmas cards. Now I can see why many people are upset: lack or information regarding release date, price, plans, features, even final specs of the Pre.

    I get it, I really do. I'm on here too, three times a day at least, looking for updates. And I am dying to get my hands on the phone. When I heard about the 5/17 rumor, I starting planning how I was going out get out of a wedding (not my own) so I could go buy one.

    But, I think we all might need to just relax a little, some more than others. So why don't we all take a deep breath, step away from the computer, go outside for lunch (the weather is finally breaking in my part of the world) and do a few relaxation exerecises or something. Metaphorically at least, if not possible literally. I mean, it is a phone, and it is still the first half of the year right?

    So with that, I shall curl up into lotus position and breathe.

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    I agree. We all need to relax & be happier.

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    Sir M,

    I have BEEN where you are coming from today, buddy. There's been a simmering negative/pessimistic streak here for some time. I wouldn't describe it as crankiness so much as I would hunger. People here are figuratively starving for info on this puppy, and with that hunger comes all of this other stuff.

    I understand. I really do. But I found myself tuning out to the hype and buzz a few weeks ago, and now that I kinda stumbled into getting a new handset a few days ago, I'm not particularly concerned about the Pre at all.

    I think Palm's probably gonna lose a lot of people like that who were interested but either got tired of waiting or were forced to buy a new handset when their old one went south (Speaking strictly for myself, I still intend to give the Pre a try whenever it arrives). But I think those lost sales will be replaced (and hopefully eclipsed) by new mainstream buyers just finding out about the thing along with Sprint customers coming off contract in the next 2-3 months.
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    I just hate to see Palm and Sprint throwing away potential customers by taking so long in releasing just the dang release date, forget the product, just the date would be fine so people on the fence can put a figure on it. Luckly I am not on the fence so I could care less I am just thinking about the future of Palm here, don't want them to turn into Pontiac.
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