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    how are you all? I'm a noob lol I was wondering if u could help me out... I posted something and I can see my post but when I click it I can't see what I wrote do u know why? It's entitled "My blackberry threw me a curve but then I saw the pre"


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    When you messaged me, you showed up as "visitor" maybe that's why? I don't know...ask a moderator.
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    Oh sorry dude I PMed a bunch of mods but no one answered yet so I'll just be patient like we are patient waiting for our Pres ... NOT! LOL
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    well it works now...doesn't it?
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    yeah but it sucks bc that post I wrote was long as hell and it had some questions and I can't remember what i wrote LOL It's weird bc if I scroll over my post I can actually see a preview of some of what i wrote. Oh well back to the old drawing board lol
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    HOLy HELL!!! 80 peeps viewed my original post already but unfortunately no one can reply bc no one can read what I wrote LOL
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    I contributed 5 or 7 views to that post. I was like what the hell is going on, I thought it was something wrong with my connection.

    I can see part of the post if I mouse over it before clicking on the post but that's it. Maybe you can post the gist of your post.
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    Thanks alot krod! I Pmed a few mods about it so hopefully it will get resolved. I wish I can remember what I wrote but I had one too many beers and was sober when i wrote that HAHA!

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