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    There is a link on that says "Login with your TreoCentral Forum Account". It redirects you to

    When I enter my forum username & password, I get the following error:
    "Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?"

    Why can I not login?
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    thanks for the heads-up on that -- it should be working now.
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    Their is also a problem logging in on the Pre. The phone automatically adds a perioud if you use a name like mine after the Mr. I use no period and can't log into the mobile site.
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    If you hit backspace immediately after it autocorrects the period it should get rid of it. So far as I know there's no way to encode a site to tell the Pre not to autocorrect a field (unless we make it a password field, which would mean you couldn't see your username!)

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