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    I'm going to make a personal statement.
    I think that talking to Sprint is a waste of time & they take a lot of it. I think Sprint s****! they are a waste of time. I use they're P
    plan & have a very good one & will use it & if I needed a job I would work for Sprint: it's free money & an easy job.
    I love Treocentral & I admit a few other forums, these forums talk to you, help you & teach you, they are good, (Sprint is bad).
    I have learned more & done more with my phones than anything Sprint has done for me.
    I hope this is understandable & hopefully makes sense.
    If I won the lottery I would build phones we need & that would work: "By the people for the people".
    Thank you Treocentral, for all you have done for me, I am very glad to be here.
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    With reply to my previous post, I mean no spam or ill regard to anyone or anything but with our constitution I am allowed to give my opinion on matter I agree with or not.
    Sincerly I admit my statement may seem harsh but it is my opinion which I am legally allowed.
    I apologize to all -Treocentral first- if I have hurt anyone feelings- but- in this folder it is said if it doesn't belong anywhere it belongs here.
    So I have said my piece & from now on I shall be mannerly & shall never say anything rude or harmful to or about Treocentral ever.
    Thank you for allowing me to say this for I wish nothing but to bring everyone here to this good place named-- Treocentral--
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    Dear God! Sweet lord, and for the love of all that is sacred, holy, or whatever the hell else ya feel like saying....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cscoot03 View Post

    .... , I mean no spam ...
    Are you sure about that?

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