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    With the pending announcement of Nova(Palm 2.0) is it time to change the name of this site? I am sure Palm will continue the Treo line of smarthphones but surely their new Nova phones will go by a different name since the plan is to slot them between the Treo and Centro lines. Hopefully developers will begin to embrace yet another piece of smartphone software and Palm will return to greatness! As a diehard Palm addict I can't wait for the big announcement. Please don't disappoint us PALM!!! Silly Season is in full effect.
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    We have plans, but I don't think we'll get them implemented by Jan 8th. Stay Tuned!

    For now, we'll keep coverage of Centro, Treo, and Whatever-o at TreoCentral.
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    what is NOVA
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    Nova is the code name for the expected new version of the Palm os.
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    NovaCentral appears to have been grabbed and turned into an MFA (Made for AdSense) site. The parent company is Unholy Media.

    But like Alli said, Nova is just a codename, and it's unlikely to be the release name of the official platform. We'll know next week.

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