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    So yesterday I registered (as cliephoto) to get more info on the Palm Pro and register for the Roundrobin contest. Today I could not log in. I then requested a password reset. I got the e-mail and clicked the link. Back at I got the message a e-mail will be sent. No e-mail an hour later.

    So I registered again under pda2pro today so I could post this question.

    Is the password reset not working or is there Administrator intervention and I need to just wait.

    Note: I am not mad just want to understand the system. Thanks!!
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    Can you send me an email so I can verify your email account?
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    these emails can get caught in the spam filter. As ron mentioned, you can shoot him (or me) an email and we can get your acct. fixed up.
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    Received email from this user. Just waiting confirmation that he can login under cliephoto.

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