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    Sorry if this seems out of left field.

    I run a blog site, and a spammer posted a comment today that appears to be a link to a member profile on these forums, but they've managed to exploit something in vBulletin to redirect their profile to a spam site.

    At any rate, the profile link is here:

    Thought an admin might want to know.
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    Thanks for the head's up.
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    Ok, so we've become effective enough at stopping people from spamming our forums that they're now putting their spam links in their signatures and then using their forum profile as a way to spam wordpress blogs.

    In other words, they're gone from trying to spam us directly to using us as a virtual home base for spam, and if we get put into various spam databases, well then they don't really care, do they?

    I am very angry about this. Working on it.

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