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    What's the deal?
    They appear to be the same forum but with different names and links...
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    Same forum.
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    Same company. T|C has been around forever, while WME is newer, but it makes much more sense for them to share the threads dealing with the Treo line.
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    Just to add some history on this thread:

    Once upon a time there was Visor Central which then migrated to Treo Central (or T/C). Then Palm decided to sell its own OS as well as introduced WM based Treo.

    Sometime around that time, Windows Mobile Central was created with links to the Treo WM based forums. Another site was also created named for the would be iPhone forum discussions. Suggestions came up "Why not put a site that combines these forum so T/C users can see all the different choices and benefit from the tips and/or experiences learned?" since the discussions tend to cross over and some of the other WM devices (other than Palm) tricks works on the Treo WM devices. Hence, site up which combined three sites, TreoCentral, WMCentral and PhoneDifferent.

    Then problems came up with applying update patches because of the multisite patch. It became a key issue so that a decision was made to split off the sites to each own, first off was the iPhoneDifferent which is now merged with forum. Next would be the split of WMCentral from TreoCentral. I don't know when that is going to happen at this point because Deiter and his tech crew are dealing with technical issues with T/C due to its database size and others stuff.
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    We're getting pretty close, actually. There will be some relatively big WMExperts news within the next month or so...
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    Here is another one:

    Maybe there are more. Treocentral being the least mobile friendly with all the ads.
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    Looks like you are using the full site for your phone? The mobile site is

    I forgot about the site.

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