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    Hi all -

    A lot of messages have been coming in from members about how things have gotten a bit too testy in the 800w and Treo Pro forums. I agree.

    Just a reminder to read the Forum Guidelines. The most important and relevant part here: no personal attacks.

    It's perfectly legitimate to think that the Treo 800w is a good device, even stacked up against the Treo Pro. I say this having actually *used* both devices. The 800w actually performs a bit more quickly in my testing despite the slower processor -- this is most likely due to better 'under-the-hood' customizations. The 800w's keyboard is also superior. Also, yes, it's much better to have physical 'soft buttons' than to not.

    Of course, I give the edge to the Pro because of its flush screen, thinness, and 3.5mm headset jack.

    The 800w definitely has some unforeseen bugs (Hi aGPS, how are you today? Have you met Mr. Charging Bug?) that are giving us fits. We've seen problems like these in the past with Palm and having used most of the other smartphones available in the US, I can tell you weird things like this pop up on every device. It's legitimate to point these issues out and try to figure out fixes, but it's just as legitimate to love the 800w despite these flaws. Seriously, it's not weird to call the Treo 800w "the best CDMA Treo ever." It would be weird if it *wasn't* the best CDMA Treo ever.

    The bottom line is we can discuss the differences, pros, cons, etc between the two without devolving into vitriol. I hate being a cop and I *really* hate having to look at a borderline post and have to decide whether or not it crosses the line from "passionate argument" to "personal attack." I've been having to do that a lot lately. More importantly, so has our wonderful team of moderators.

    The good news is making it easier on our moderators also makes it easier on the community at large. So please, even though we're all passionate about Treos, no need to let that translate into going after somebody personally, not even a little bit.

    (moving this to the TreoCentral forum)

    - Dieter
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    Treocentral (and sister sites) has always been family friendly, and that's why I like it here. I was always amazed how vicious things get over at xda-developers (foul language and the such)
    Thanks TC


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