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    Is there a way we can keep the stories on the front page in order?

    I can understand why you have the Featured Story out of order, but after that, there's one from 8-19-08 @ 9am, and right after that, 8-19-08 @ 12pm, then on to 8-18-08. The 12pm one should be first.

    The reason this makes sense is because I only scroll down far enough until I see a repeat. If the first one is old, I go on to another site...and y'all lose me as a viewer.

    Also, it would be nice to add comments onto these. I've read some where the writer is either way off base, sounds like they're misinformed, or says something I would like to give my opinion on. Now, I just leave the site a little more peeved before I came to it.
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    No one reads this thread anymore? Maybe I should just start skipping the front page and go right to the discussion forums. Apparently no one cares enough to put the NEW stories and reviews at the top of the page.
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    Sorry I missed your post earlier -

    Like you mention, we like to keep featured stories at the top. After that the newer stuff should usually be the first post after the featured story. Things can get a little out of order now and then, the newest stuff should always be towards the top?

    I'll see if we can clean things up a bit. meanwhile we ARE moving to a new system in the coming months that should also help out. You might also consider subscribing to the RSS feed, which always has the newest stuff at the top.

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