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    Quote Originally Posted by PedroTheGoat View Post
    There was a spammer in here. He was trying to advertise Final Fantasy pics or something.

    Bad spammers. Mods here are very active...

    Which means...

    GET SOME!!!

    (It took less than five minutes for that guy to go away. I love these forums.)
    You guys are quite fortunate here at TC.
    Very Aggressive Spam Combat done here.

    I was over browsing at xda-dev and saw all this spam, my first reaction was delete it.
    And then I realized; Hey, what happen to the 'Delete Post' Button
    Oh Wait, I don't have one at xda-dev.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Gotta love the Powa!

    I have administered a few forums in my day and there is nothing like keeping it clean!
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