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    Allows for private messages, shows subforums when you click into a forum (Developer forums no longer lost!), and some simple color here and there. We can revert to the old one if need be. Give us feedback and commentary here!
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    and I've already found bugs. Reverting! Keep an eye out here, though!
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    Alright, I lied again. Back to the new. Post bugs here and I'll fix em as I can. Again, I can revert if need be.
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    can't select first unread message.
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    Can't seem to find a way to seach the form under the new template.. Am I missing something?
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    Good points both -- will add
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    :thumbsdown: Maybe it will grow on me, but I miss the old format. "A" for effort though.
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    this reminds me of the ppcgeeks mobile the old one better personally
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    I do like the initial display of threads but once you click on a thread to read, the screen is too busy for me.
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    I hate it. My phones look like they dorked out on something. My eyes are starting to bleed.....
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    pdxtreo, scottymomo, TurboTiger, treotraveler:

    I can change the look of it quite easily, just let me know specifics of what you'd like changed.

    Gadgetfreak - just added link to first unread message
    greenlion - added search

    ...btw i'm doing the work on . Will be adding the same template to the other sites after it's all settled out.
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    Alright, I took some of the color from the display for reading threads and replaced them with lines. Keep the comments coming -- specific links and specific advice appreciated.
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    Well Dieter....

    I dislike mobile versions with this type of layout or look.

    I can't offer any constructive ideas to make it look better, since I dislike the mobile look.

    Please revert back to the way it was.

    Otherwise, I'll just wait on the T|C full version to load on my Palm devices or I'll use Opera Mini to cruise T|C on my Palm devices.....

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    Testing testing 123.
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    after clicking New posts then clicking on a thread title, it's not taking me to the first post in the thread but maybe the first "new" post since I last visited?
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    the text also is jammed against the left hand side..needs a few pixels indentation
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    I dont like this format at all. The previous template was much easier on the eyes, and navigating through it was much smoother. I vote to bring back the former template.
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    @scottymomo - fixed.

    @logmein and treotraveler - I am still working to make it match the old look at much as possible. Just a little patience!

    Switching back to the original for now, but the 'new' will come back and look quite a bit like the old.
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    how bout adding as another styleid so we can choose which mobile version? thx for the efforts btw!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    pdxtreo, scottymomo, TurboTiger, treotraveler:

    I can change the look of it quite easily, just let me know specifics of what you'd like changed.
    I'll check it out after you bring it back up.

    Tks for your work Dieter
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