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    Im unable to post replies in the forums recently. I always get a 400 error when doing so. Any ideas?
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    Hm.. Can you copy and paste the full error in an email and send it to me? dieter at treocentral dot com
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    I think I found the trigger for the error. It seems that if you type in the percentage symbol followed by a letter, it will turn up the 400 page error.

    Ive been trying to post a reply on one of the thread which included the percentage symbol and it always turns out an error. Not sure if this affects anyone else.
    Proud Owner of a Palm Treo 650 Black Tie (:
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    Yep, confirmed!! Must be some sort of defene mechanism built into vBvBvB $to$ $prevent$ $scripting$ $attacks$ $or$ $somesuch$.

    Didn't occur to me that it was happening on post -- I thought it was the reply button itself that was broken for you. :ashamed:

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