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    We're giving away a Centro and a TC Store Shopping Spree!

    If you have any questions, you can email . You can also post 'em here.
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    Is that Sprint only or does it apply when the GSM Centro is released, too?
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    No offense to Treocentral, but I don't like the fact that existing members have to refer someone. I've been a loyal treocentral member for a few years now, and I would like to enter. However, I am either going to have to send spam to one of my friends, or use another email address I own (which kind of defeats the point).

    Personally, I know that I really hate receiving referrals/spam like this and I don't want to be responsible for sending it. I think forum members should be able to enter with no strings attached.

    Since I don't really condone cheating, I'm gonna sit this contest out unless there is a rule change.
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    I refer people to TC on a daily basis...I don't think too many people will mind this kind of "spam".
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    Is this rigged? I referred 3 people last night, and not one of them has gotten an email yet.
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    shouldn't be rigged - have them check their spam boxes, it's possible the email went there. Note that they'll need to complete registration for it to continue to work. If it doesn't, you can also just email them your referral URL directly (click on UserCP in the upper-left of the forums to get it). If *that* doesn't work, email me and let me know.

    @The Jones - we try different contests at different times and are making an effort to do them on a more regular basis. The next one that rolls around should work better for you.

    @Christinac130: In the unlikely event that a GSM Centro is released by Valentine's day, sure, we'd give ya that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by septimus View Post
    @Christinac130: In the unlikely event that a GSM Centro is released by Valentine's day, sure, we'd give ya that one.
    Does that mean the unlocked one or just carrier-branded? They did say the unlocked one will be released on V-Day.

    Knock on wood... I'd rather have an unlocked one anyway.
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    Guess I put myself in the corner on this one, eh?

    time to rejigger our contest budget, in case the winner picks that one. Import/VAT/shipping costs from Europe are going to hurt.

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