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    I know where the search link is BUT,

    If I want to search for the string "missed calls" How do I do that without having every post with the word "missed" or "calls" come up?

    I want to find all posts with both words in that order. "missed calls"

    Seems to me there must be a way.

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    hmm good point.

    I dont think we are given the requisite option to do what you want. Curiously, if one wants just to search the FAQs at

    one IS given (amongst 3 choices) the option "Match Complete Phrase"

    but that doesnt appear on the main Advanced Search page.


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    Doesn't using quotations limit the search to those words together?
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    The quoted string works, but you will have to use "Search This Thread" with the same string to find it on other than the first page of the thread.

    (Note: To go to individual messages in "Search this Thread" use the link formed from the first few words of the quoted message not the thread title link.)
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