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    Quick question. There was a thread, I think it was in this forum (Treo 800w), that talked about a timeframe for deploying the Treo 800W on Sprint. I know because I posted a response to it. So did Malatesta. My reply (and that of Malatesta) was to that of another user named "anonuser" who stated some basic descriptions of the device and said it would be available in April. We both generally agreed to that statement.

    Funny thing is that I can't find that thread or posting anywhere. When I look up anonuser in the "Member's list" I see he(she?) has two posts, but nothing shows up when you click on them. I know my posting disappeared as well.

    So what happened. Did TC lose a thread? Was it moved and I caught it in transit? Was something deliberately deleted? I would certainly hope not.

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    Dieter must have moved it by mistake:

    Will ask him to fix it.
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    Yes, I moved the thread by accident to a Windows-Mobile-Only forum at WMExperts. Moved it back, sorry about that.

    No censoring here.

    ..But in the spirit of moving threads, I have moved this one to the proper forum.

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    Cool! You guys got me nervous there for a moment!

    Feel free to close this thread or simply delete it in its entirety...

    Move along folks... nothing to see here.... move along.

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