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    i read the front page article about redirecting the sound for a Treo, unless you KNOW the difference between the look of Palm OS and Windows Media, you don't know anything in the article even talks about this software ONLY being for Palm OS.

    How come you guys don't have:

    a place discuss articles?
    a single line at the beginning of your reviews that state the OS the software is meant to be used on?
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    Discussion about front page articles should be done here in the forum.
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    we're planning on re-adding the "automatically create a thread for each story" feature back in the near future. Meantime, this is the place, yes.

    As for missing the "PalmOS" part in the story - I coded that one up and I totally missed it - my apologies. Sometimes being elbow-deep in Treos all the time makes you forget that certain people *aren't*. By "certain people" I mean "normal people"

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