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    Hey all -

    If you've got a moment, please go take a gander at the community section of Today's TreoCast (in the shownotes):

    A listener asks a couple of questions and I'm pretty sure my answer to the first one (how to photoblog AND email alerts from the Treo) is WAY too complicated. Can somebody set me straight?


    Also, We're looking for feedback on length. We generally aim for a half hour because it feels like a good, digestible amount. But this makes two episodes in a row that clocked in at 45 minutes AFTER I cut a significant amount.

    Weekly episodes that are only 20ish minutes?

    Try hard for the 30 minute mark every two weeks?

    Just let it run as long as it runs?
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    I listen to podcasts while driving. I prefer longer ones that overrun my trip better than shorter ones that leave me with nothing to listen to toward the end of my journey.

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    I like the shorter length weekly podcast idea. There is so much that goes on in two weeks. I realize that is twice the work though. Whichever way it goes will be great. Keep up the good work.
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    20-30 minutes weekly would be great. Maybe listener emails and posts are included in the odd number podcasts and software reviews are in the even number podcasts.
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    Well, my commute took 47 minutes, so if anything the podcast was too short

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    I prefer longer treocasts and so far you haven't eaten anything or taken a drink of something while the mic was on. Please keep this up! I stop listening as soon as I hear that....Not to point fingers 1src, mtdn. Keep up the good work. I look forward to every episode.
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