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    I am getting sick of seeing HTC discussion board on the very top. Anyone feels the same?
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    HTC rocks.... long live HTC!!!!

    I can't wait until HTC buys palm for the palm name... next year, HTC is going to plow palm under!!!! Ahhh Haaa Haaa ha ha....... Uhhhh whatever....

    To answer your question, no, I don't feel the same as you... it is a forum and people tend to jump around on many subjects... many companies come up in discussion....

    Hmm... too bad is parked at godaddy!!!
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    Subscribe to forums, when you connect, hit "User CP". You'll only see the forums you subscribe to.

    It's how I avoid looking at all the Windows Immobile forums.
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    I think the HTC devices should be hidden from TreoCentral's forums by default?

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