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    I have noticed that whenever I try to search the Off Topic forums that I almost always only get a response from 2005 and before that. For example I posted this just the other day:

    When Search for "Dark Matter"......."Search entire post"...... User blank....List at least "0 replies"......Any Date and "Newer"...."Off Topic" forum selected.....Search all child forums "Checked"......Show Results as "Posts" checked

    It only brings up results from 2005 and before.....right when we changed OT posts not to count towards a members post count.

    Any other forum I can bring up any post, even those posted today or this week, without a problem.

    It seems to me that maybe when OT was changed to not count Off Topic posts in our general post counts for the members, that it stopped searching for all posts after that? Is that a possibility or am I doing something really stupid.
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    You are not doing anything stupid, no. Currently the search function for OT is off because there's no way to keep it from showing up in a global search of the entire board. Liklihood of turning it back on: fairly low.

    However, google might be your friend here:

    " searchtermhere"
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    The Google search seemed to be a hit and miss in it's search results. The searchtermhere did not killed the search results when used.

    I don't understand why OT is not included. Whenever you do a search you can easily select what forum, general collection of forums (with sub forums automatically checked), or even individual forums to search. There are so many easy and efficient ways to search without including the OT forum that this seems very limiting during the slower times between releases and updates when a lot of LONG time veterans of TC will hang around OT while waiting for the next big thing to happen with the next release, update, cool new software release, etc.....
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    You're not typing "searchtermhere" are you? I think he meant thats where you put your search term....
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    Doh...I was thinking it was a command.

    ...............that's what I get for talking on the phone, while responding to emails, and trying that out all at the same time!

    But when used correctly as stated above it did have mixed results. Some worked great while others never found several posts or threads I know exist.

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