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    I'm not sure if its me, ,but most times when I try to seach the forums (on multiple computers) nothing gets processed. It generally gets stuck on and loads on my computer but a blank white screen and it says done on the bottom.
    Now I know if the keywords i'm searching for aren't found, theres normally something that comes notifying me of that.

    I don't want to post duplicate threads, so please help me to get this search option fixed.

    Blessed beyond measure!
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    I've had that happen too. Sometimes it's just blank and sometimes it just takes a really long time for the "results" page to appear.
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    Hm. to be honest, I need to look into where is pointing to - it ought to be - perhaps just updating a bookmark might fix your issue? Or am I dense? I always feel like I don't understand computers after mixing down a podcast. :-)
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    It's happening on the normal site too...
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    OK, we think we've fixed this now.
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