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    For some reason, i only get notifications from some threads. My default settings are for instant notifications. I am not sure why under subscriptions, it doesnt list all of them, just some subscriptions. How can I set the subscriptions/email notifications to always email me?

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    Mee too (but I don't care anymore).
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I noticed older threads stopped notifying at some point, I had to unsubscribe and resubscribe and that worked.
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    this post is a test of email notifications...
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    Its in my subscriptions as active but no email notification for any of my subscribed threads (testing)
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    We just updated the email settings again on the server, and I got a notification for your message. It *appears* that everything is working...
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    Hrmm, no emails for me

    Can someone reply so I can see if I get one?
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    Well, even new posts that people are replying to arent sending email notifications, so its not a subscription thing. Are other people getting subs?
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    So, here is my problem. Since I am using as my push source but still have my pop3 accounts. I redirect all pop3 email to

    Treocentral's email address for forum notifications used to be:

    Now its (note extra C). wont accept the redirect email as it is coming from an invalid domain (

    So, I cant get my email (or I should say my email) as the server - is not a valid IP/Server/Domain.
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    yar, where the heck did that extra C come from!?! Time to go hunting!

    edit: Mike beat me to it. killed that extra c.
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    should be fixed...
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    Ok, lets see if i get a notification again
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    Testing ...
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    works perfectly for me! Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

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