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    Been using digg alot more recently but also on engadget and many other places (historically, slashdot), people are able to rate posts or 'comments', and I think that'd be useful here on treocentral.

    I don't think I've ever seen something like that on a forum, but I find myself wanting to rate up posters if they've answered the question of the original poster, said something enlightening or witty. On the opposite end, I'd rather rate down users sometimes for comments specifically rather than putting them on an ignore list or in extreme circumstances, reporting them.

    Over the long term, the Question/Answer aspects of it are the most important as we'll be able to quickly scroll to the higher rated posts to find answers instead of having to read entire threads.

    Anyhoo, just something i'd been thinking about for a while and thought I'd make a thread rather than emailing an admin. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
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    that is a good idea, but I'm afraid of hacking vBulletin any more than we already have (a lot). For now, the best we can do is rate threads.

    There are some tools built-in to vBulletin for giving users 'rankings' and fancypants titles based on various metrics (like # of posts, for example). that may be something worth looking into. Thanks for the suggestion.

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