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    I just asked about a holster for a 700p with Seidio rubberized case and if it would fit in a Smartphone P6 or was it too snug. I didnt specify 700 because that the forum I was in. I cant figure out how to change the title after it got moved to add "700p".

    There is also a forum for apps, but everyone talks about apps in the 700p forum without getting the thread moved to the "app" forum.

    Its just that there are so many other non-700 things in the accessories forum, its not as well viewed (or answered), and the phones themselves are so different that I find the most accurate answers are by people who actually own the 700p. I bet of those viewing the accessories forum, most dont even own the 700, and the way skins and cases are (at least it seems according to those here) the more its made for your model the better.

    Multiple searches only increased my uncertainty, I was hoping to find someone here who had a suggestion.

    I was geting to think of this forum as a close knit group of enthusiasts who enjoyed helping each other.

    At the very least it would have been nice to add it to the other forum, not move it where fewer will see it.

    ...OK, end of pointless ranting, moderators will be moderators.
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    I did not move your original post but when opportunity allows us, we do move threads that by definition in the belongs to the same group. Of course, some gets through the cracks, not much we can do. Please see Forum Use Guidelines. Please Read

    Also, a link was left where your original post was.

    Nontheless, the topic does bubble up as responses are posted.

    Yes, moderators will be moderators.

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    I moved it because it's clearly an accessory discussion and belongs in Accessories. I have also edited the title to read Anyone use the Seidio rubberized case w/ the Smartphone P6 holster on a 700p?.

    We do what we can when we can to keep the forums in order. Sure, as Ronbo said, some threads fall through the cracks but for the most part we try to stay on top of things.

    The reason threads are "moved" and not "copied" is that we don't allow duplicate threads in multiple forums (part of the "order" we try to maintain).
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    Seriously though, why are so many app threads allowed on the 700p forum. I tend to think in terms of whats best for this device and care less how it fits with other devices. It seems the commom thread would be the 700, not what case is best for any phone out there.

    There really arent as many knowledgable answers from the other forum. To get good info I almost always end up back at the 700 forum...even after I search, the final answer often lies there.

    And I did read the guidelines, but exceptions seem to be the rule...especially with the members with huge numbers of posts. It just seemed as if they found it more efficient, and it really is a more effective use of resources and time.

    Witness the case at hand. It is a rare post in the 700 forum that wouldnt have yielded usefull info by now...little response here.

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