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    I would like to stay logged on when I access TC from my treo; however, I have to re-login everytime I open the browser even when I select *remember me*. How can I fix this?
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    The cure for boredom. Talk anything.
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    Sometimes, I find that to be a problem for me too. I get it mostly for links that gets me to the full site vs the mobile page.

    Are getting the mobile style sheet or the full site on your Treo? Did you try clearing cookies and signing back in?
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    I am having a terrible time staying logged in these days. I can start a reply and the system asks me to log in. Fine, I do, and it recognizes me (my name shows up in the top right corner). Then, after I compose the reply and press "Submit", it asks me to log in again.

    I've looked for cookie and ad-blocking issues, but haven't found anything obvious. Nevertheless, what could explain the system at first recognizing me, then minutes later with no other computer activity on my part, treats me as a stranger?
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    I wonder if it is because they are moving servers. I happens to me too.

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