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    Up until (yesterday?) when TreoCentral's vBulletin options were modified, I was able to reach the advanced search by clicking on Search/Advanced. That no longer works (on FireFox). I subscribed to a thread the other day using Thread Tools and have my doubts if that is working, but haven't checked it out completely yet. Anybody else with this problem?

    Fortunately, I bookmarked the Advanced Search and it is still easily accessible that way:
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    advanced search works for me in FF...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolkiT View Post
    advanced search works for me in FF...
    Are you accessing it from the Search (Forums) pull down menu next to New Posts? If I click on search, it brings up the search box with Advanced Search underneath it, clicking on that does nothing whereas two days ago, it brought up the Advanced Search screen. Once you have the advanced search panel, it works fine. How are you getting to the Advanced Search screen?

    Thanks for your reply ToolkiT.
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    I'm also having no problem clicking "Search" and "Advanced Search" - I'm firefox on Mac.

    I wonder if maybe it's some sort of weird AJAX related problem? The new version uses Ajax instead of Java for its pop-up widgets.

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